Rotainer® is a registered trademark of Container Rotation Systems Pty Ltd (CRS),

Sydney Australia.

CRS is part of the Australian Mobile Mining Equipment Systems & Accessories (AMMESA) Group of companies.

CRS is a stand alone company with a complete portfolio of Container Rotating Products.

This equipment is sold and serviced direct from its head office located in Sydney Australia.

CRS/AMMESA does not, nor has ever had, any relationship  with, or licencing arrangement regarding Lid Lifting Technology or any other technology from;

ISG, ISG  Pit to Ship, Intermodal Solutions Group , Load and Move Pty Ltd.

or any entity owned by the company or its directors.

Any reference of the above entities selling, offering to sell or claiming a commercial relationship with any of the CRS companies or portfolio of products

 is not factual, false and misleading.  

Below are pictures of a container rotators promoted by competitive companies trying to 'pass off' as Rotainer®,

 They are NOT certified CRS products.