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40ft Container System Released for 2019, High Cube 2900mm

Rotainer® Eurospec 38 & Rotorcon® 2900mm Coal Containers.

Skiptainer™ Load & Dump System.

Tiltainer - 100% Sealed Container System.

CRS,Global Leaders in Container Rotation Technology

Rotainer® Eurospec 32 Underground Watch Video Click Here https://youtu.be/D5L61ZvN2co

Eurospec 32, Watch Video Click Here - https://youtu.be/WPi94N4m6wY

Sugar Loading, 45,000 Tonnes, Loaded in 24 Hours, Watch Video Click Here - https://youtu.be/afAhnOozB_g

Oz Minerals, Rotainer H.D, Watch Video Click Here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?

Flinders Logistics, Watch Video, Click Here - https://youtu.be/BiIPA-6y43U

Townsville Bulk Storage & Handling, Watch Video, Click Here - https://youtu.be/2aedO40bpt4

Containerised For Cost Effective Global Delivery

Latest Tier 4 Engine Technology

Diesel Hydraulic - Electric Hydraulic

Extremely Low Noise Emissions - Perfect For Confined Space Environments

High Visibilty for Efficient Connection to Containers

 STS Cranes - Mobile Harbour Cranes - Portal Cranes - Ships Cranes - Reach Stacker