New Release for 2018

Rotainer Eurospec38 for 2900mm Coal Containers

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CRS - Container Rotation Systems Pty Ltd

Global Leaders in Container Rotation Technology

The Worlds First, Single Beam Fully Sealed, Container Rotator.

Especially Suited to Generic 1450mm & 1800mm Half Heights With Lid Lifting Option

No Need for Special, Heavy Duty Containers

Start Work Earlier in Spring and Work Later in the Cold Season.

Rotainer Eurospec 32 Underground Watch Video Click Here

Eurospec 32, Watch Video Click Here -

Sugar Loading, 45,000 Tonnes, Loaded in 24 Hours, Watch Video Click Here -

Oz Minerals, Rotainer H.D, Watch Video Click Here -

Flinders Logistics, Watch Video, Click Here -

Townsville Bulk Storage & Handling, Watch Video, Click Here -


Containerised For Cost Effective Global Delivery

Latest Tier 4 Engine Technology

Diesel Hydraulic - Electric Hydraulic

Extremely Low Noise Emissions - Perfect For Confined Space Environments

High Visibilty for Efficient Connection to Containers

 STS Cranes - Mobile Harbour Cranes - Portal Cranes - Ships Cranes - Reach Stacker