10 Years of Innovation 2009 to 2019

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 CRS,Global Leaders in Container Rotation Technology

   Latest Project, Coal Loading Russia -  Watch Videio - Click Here https://youtu.be/cjpPaYNmwcU 

Rotainer® Eurospec 32 Underground - Watch Video - Click Here https://youtu.be/D5L61ZvN2co

Eurospec 32 - Watch Video - Click Here - https://youtu.be/WPi94N4m6wY

Sugar Loading, 45,000 Tonnes, Loaded in 24 Hours - Watch Video - Click Here - https://youtu.be/afAhnOozB_g

Oz Minerals, Rotainer H.D -Watch Video - Click Here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?

Flinders Logistics -Watch Video - Click Here - https://youtu.be/BiIPA-6y43U

Townsville Bulk Storage & Handling - Watch Video -Click Here - https://youtu.be/2aedO40bpt4


Containerised For Cost Effective Global Delivery

Latest Tier 4 Engine Technology

Diesel Hydraulic - Electric Hydraulic

Extremely Low Noise Emissions - Perfect For Confined Space Environments

High Visibilty for Efficient Connection to Containers

 STS Cranes - Mobile Harbour Cranes - Portal Cranes - Ships Cranes - Reach Stacker

The Complete Solution From One Supplier.

Container Rotators

Container Tipplers

Container Tilters

Lid Lifting Systems


Specialised Rotatable Containers

No Matter What Product You Deal With, CRS Can Provide You With Modern, Highly Efficient

Containerised Bulk Handling Equipment  

Watch Video Click Here https://youtu.be/SJtnV0U-_QE

Underground Container Handling Solutions

CRS had added a complete, underground container handling solution to its innovative products portfolio.

Whether it is a Construction or Mining application, we have the solution.

Our container range starts at the 1450mm half height with auto lids for fully sealed environmental protection or,

our open top heavy duty container bin for maximum productivity.

Rent or Buy, the choice is yours.

Contact Sales@ContainerRotationSystems.com for further information

Watch Video Click Here https://youtu.be/iIyxTSIOTOE

The Rotainer R.S is a Heavy Duty, '3 in one' Container Rotator.

Change from a Reach stacker to a Mobile Harbour Crane or Ship To Shore Crane operation in minutes.

Diesel or Electric Power Supply
Watch Video Click Here https://youtu.be/stt1fU4qMX4

38,000kgs WLL, Working Load Limit as Standard

Designed as a quick release tool for multifaceted container handling applications.

Highly reliable  and low maintenance with all major components sealed from contamination.

CRS Container Tippler is a Heavy Duty Static container rotation system.

Designed to handle up to 1 Million Tonnes Per Year.

15 Seconds for 360 degree rotation.

Dual lid lifting system to cater for any brand or make of open top container.

Watch Video Click Here https://youtu.be/95ntxB4Ihsw

CRS also have a range of purpose built container spreaders.

Our spreader range is perfectly suited for lid handling operations. 

42,000kgs WWL

Rotatable Containers With Auto Locks

Recently introduced to the Global market is our new Lidgripper system which facilitates automation to any open top container.

No matter what brand, make or age, we have the solution.

Our innovative design allows for use of containers already in the market place.

If you need to upgrade your operation, talk to us, we can engineer and supply a cost effective solution.

Available as an option on all Rotainer® & CRS Container Tipplers.

Talk to CRS about the complete solution.

Watch Video Click Here https://youtu.be/SJtnV0U-_QE